Who are we?

We are sisters, but that’s not all that connects us. The love for food, the passion for creating the best recipes, hunting down the best produce, cooking up a storm with season’s best ingredients and The Culinaria – this is what connects us!
The Culinaria is the closest to our hearts. The cooking school and our studio kitchen that we made way back in 2011, is what links us to each other and everyone who has attended lessons here. And now, finally we are taking it online because many of you moved cities and countries, including us! We loved every moment spent in that kitchen and can’t wait for all of you to come back and start cooking again. We are finally going to make all the recipes (old and new) available here for y’all to use at the click of a button. Hoping to have all our existing Culinarians on board and newer ones join our community. Let’s get cooking!!

Radhicka Agarwaal & Gauricka Agarwaal 
Co-Founders: The Culinaria & The Daily Gourmet

Oven Dried Citrus

Here’s the simplest recipe of all times, and also the most beautiful one by far. We’ve all cooked a lot during the lockdown and in the post lockdown phase and now we’re just ordering in and eating out like before. There was a feeling of being grounded every time we entered the kitchen and then […]

Mango Pie

Story of Mango Pie: Think of a superrrr-duper easy dessert, with very few ingredients,does not use fattening stuff, HEALTHY, refreshing and absolutely delectable. Could you come up with something? Well… we have! Here’s an astonishingly quick, healthy, fruity and delicious dessert – THE “Mango Yoghurt Pie”. The only pie you’ll want to make over and […]

Cherry Pound Cake with Olive Oil

Story of Pound Cake: Pound cake is the BEST cake in the whole damn world! If there was a masterpiece among cakes, this would be it. A Pound cake is called so because back in the days it was made with exactly one pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs. In French its also […]

Mango – King of Fruits

Mango is a tropical fruit with its origin from India and now it has reached many parts of the world. It is a soft fleshy fruit with a very thin skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet and sour with a distinct flavour of its own and varying from lemon yellow to dark orange yellow in […]

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Also popularly known as chocolate truffle, the ganache is a very easy, delicious and versatile recipe. This one’s a keeper! Use it to ice a cake (vanilla or chocolate or any flavour on earth) or serve it alongside a dessert – the possibilities are endless. So, we’re saying… even if you haven’t tried the other […]

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Who doesn’t love a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate ganache! We thought we’ll share a quick and easy way of making it, especially because your favourite restaurants and bakeries are locked down and its a great time to explore your skills. We do have a quick fix method for that. We have our own cake […]

Mac n Cheese Gratin

What come to your mind when we say comfort food? A bowl of something warm and easy to put together which you can have sitting in your pyjamas while binge-watching your favourite series on Netflix on your couch! Well… if this setting matches what you’re thinking, then we have the perfect dish for you – […]

Eggless Chocolate Banana Cake

Chocolate and Banana is an eternal combination. They compliment each other so well, that the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to cook with bananas… is chocolate! We’ve already posted a recipe for a Caramelised banana upside-down cake and now we’re sharing an eggless recipe for those of you who choose […]

Italian Eggplant Ricotta Rollatini

Since we are on an Italian spree, we thought we’ll give you all a recipe thats refreshing, not overdone and can be made with simple ingredients from our kitchen staples. We hate it too when one has to go from store to store for some really exotic and inaccessible ingredients. So, if you ever thought… […]

Lemon Basil Sorbet

This recipe for sorbet is straight from our heart to yours, via Capri! This is truly and completely inspired by our trip to the Capri island in Italy. It was a hot summer afternoon and after a cruise from Amalfi early morning, we had just reached Capri. We took a funicular to reach the high […]

Watermelon Mint Ice – Granita

In the scorching summer all that the heart wants is ICE!! Imagine ice, dripping with a syrup of your favourite flavour (kala-khatta for me) – thats our entire childhood for most of us. If you’ve grown up in a tropical country like India, then your memories can’t be without stories of ice. Sneaking an ice […]

Banana Caramel Cake

Everybody loves banana & caramel and when they’re put together… BOOM!! Its an explosion of flavours enhancing one another. Here is a recipe of a banana cake and you don’t even have to go through the effort of making the caramel here. We’re just going to let the banana caramelise on its own. So here’s […]

Mumbai Chilli Cheese Pao

This is a very easy snack to curb your cavings any time of the day. Mumbai Chilli Cheese Pao is inspired by the many Parsi or Persian cafes in Mumbai and Pune. A lot of people also know them as Irani cafes. The persian recipe and flavours that exist in India today sort of travelled […]

Mumbai Pav/ Portugese Pão – Soft Fluffy Dinner Rolls

These are really the softest buns you’ll possibly make at home or even eat. Buns and breads are eaten in different forms globally and in all cultures and cuisines. These are very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. You can use it as a base for garlic breads, to sandwich a patty, make […]

Herbed Bread Loaf

An ‘easy to bake’ bread with hidden flavours. Simply follow the recipe, bake your own herbed bread and slice it to admire the piece of art that you baked. Serve it with a topping, or simply toast and butter it… will taste good any way! We have already taught you a regular whole wheat bread, […]

Ricotta Mango Parfait

This is a wonderful dessert made using fresh ricotta. Its summertime and mangoes are in the season. So, we thought of making a very simple dessert with very few ingredients. You’ll find almost everything at home. You won’t have to go grocery shopping and can make this quickly for a sudden dessert craving after lunch. […]

English Tea Scones

This recipe is very close to us. Anything that is traditional or comes steeped in history, entices us to unimaginable extents. Scones is one such thing. They are said to have been originated in Scotland, England and Ireland. It’s not a surprise, given its huge consumption their. Even the Queen loves them! English afternoon tea […]

Moist Apple Cake

When life gives you apples… of course, you make apple cake! Since apples are a common fruit and the most readily available to all of us at all times, we thought it would be a great idea to give you all the recipe of a perfect apple cake to survive the 20 20 lockdown. This […]

Ricotta Lemon Cake

A perfect dessert with a truly Italian touch… our favourite! We made ricotta, and then we thought what best we could use it for, and we came up with this. Its a beautiful cake with a slightly smooth and grainy texture at the same time. It is not fluffy like other cakes, but owing to […]

Fresh Ricotta

Ricotta is a fresh and soft Italian cheese… and truly delicious! It has a soft grain and light texture. Traditionally, ricotta was made with milk and whey left after making other cheeses. Thats how it got its name “ricotta” which literally translates to re-cooked. However, ricotta is now very sought after because of its slightly […]

Vankaya Menthi Podi Koora

This is regional and easy dish from Andhra. Its made with brinjals with the emphasis on menthi podi. Traditionally podi is a dry chutney powder. Its an ancient tradition that lives on. Earlier, due to hot and humid weather in southern and western parts of India, fresh condiment pastes would spoil easily without refrigerators and […]

Vegan Basil pesto Pasta and Chickpea Salad

A plant-based lifestyle seems like the trend and we’re sure its here to stay. While, it may be difficult for a lot of people to shift suddenly and completely, but its a good idea to incorporate it in your daily meals whenever you can. So, here is recipe for a vegan pesto, and we chose […]

Fattoush – Mediterranean Salad

Summers and salads go hand in hand. When the heat is going up, the body asks for more refreshing, water-rich and citrus-y ingredients. Thats exactly what this salad is. We made this during the global lockdown, so it’s been made with the ingredients that were available in the fridge. Never hesitate in making something if […]


What is yeast: Yeast is a microscopic fungus which is used for leavening or raising agents in baking. When yeast is added to flour for making a dough fermentation occurs converting the starch into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Yeast requires warm temperature for fermentation to happen, but extremely high temperatures can also kill it. Carbon […]


Basil is an aromatic herb which has many varieties, the most common being ‘sweet basil’ which is widely used in Italian and Southern French cooking. It is a herb said to have originated from India, but sweet basil should not be confused with tulsi, which is ‘holy basil.’ The other common varieties of basil include […]

Wholewheat Bread 50-50

Whole-wheat bread… who doesn’t want to bake a fresh loaf at home! We know you’ve all been eager and want to bake one yourself, especially when you’re home-locked and otherwise too. We call this a 50-50 wholewheat bread because we’re using wholewheat flour and wheat flour half and half. You can use more wholewheat flour […]

Cacio e Pepe

A very, very, very truly Roman dish! This comes all the way from Rome, Italy. Cacio e pepe literally translates to cheese and pepper – which are practically the only two ingredients in this pasta dish. Traditionally, Pecorino Romano, a cheese made with sheep’s milk, is used for this. It is high on our list […]

Basil Pesto

To make basil pesto, you definitely need a lot of basil and there’s no substitute it. You can make pastes of many things but it will just pesto. The word pesto comes from pestle, and is called so because originally this sauce was made by crushing the ingredients using a pestle and mortar. Thus, pesto! […]

Rice Bean Salad

A wholesome and healthy meal by itself. A versatile dish which can either be eaten as a salad or a main course with accompaniments. Assemble all your ingredients and it hardly takes any time to put this together. I use leftover rice for this. Living in an Indian household we all have rajma-chawal (red kidney […]

Mushroom Buns

Mushroom buns are fairly easy to make, wholesome on their own, and can be used for breakfast, packed for your office lunch, served as an evening snack or dinner accompaniment. These are simply yumm! Here we’ve taken, flour, sugar, salt, warm water, butter, milk and yeast. You can use any yeast you’re comfortable using (fresh […]