Mango – King of Fruits

Mango is a tropical fruit with its origin from India and now it has reached many parts of the world. It is a soft fleshy fruit with a very thin skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet and sour with a distinct flavour of its own and varying from lemon yellow to dark orange yellow in colour. The skin is usually green when unripe but varies from yellow to orange and red. There is a big white seed in the centre which is discarded on cutting. Mangoes are a very high source of vitamin A. There are many varieties of mango, Alphanso from India being one the most popular ones. In India, mangoes are very popular and a much awaited fruit during summers. Special Mango festivals are organised throughout the country to enjoy the wide variety that is available here.

India is one of the largest producers and exporters of mangoes. Unripe mangoes can be wrapped in paper and kept at room temperature to become ripe. Mangoes are eaten in a lot of different forms. The unripe sour and green mangoes are used to make pickles, chutneys, candied mango strips (aam papad) and an Indian summer drink panna. Ripe, sweet and yellow mangoes are eaten as it is or used to make milk shakes, juices, sorbets, jams, ice creams and desserts. Since mangoes are available in summers, I thought of creating a chilled summer dessert, mango ricotta parfait.

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